The Archer of the Fayre 2015
Organised by
The Colchester Town Watch
The Archers & their Associations
Stan Baxter
Nick Kokolski
Lynette Fisher
Ray Lindfield
The Grey Goose Wing
Denis Alston
The Wherry Archers 
 Bernadette Stubbings
The Northern Muster of Norton Archers
Philip Chaffer
Mark Chaffer
 Michelham Bowmen
Richard Jupp
Longbow Heritage
Stuart Fuller
Julie Hawkes
Michael Ashington
 Isle of Thorns Archers
Roy Coulson
Sean Coulson
Ashley Avory
Malcom Pearson
Company of the White Lion
Russell French
Mick Wilson
 National Field Archery Society
John Thomas
Michael Baily
The Medieval Siege Society
Stephen Gosling 
Karen Gosling
Alan Ridge 
Helen Jelroy 
Terry Newman 
Roy Walker
Colin Perry
Companie of the Silver Arrow
Peter Grand
Karen Freeman
History Blooms' Archery School
Mark Bloom
Keith Taylor
Michael Corsham
Anne-Marie Wheeler
Jessica Wheeler
Martin Sutton
Anita Sutton
Sam Dordoy 

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