Other Entertainment for 2018

There will be plenty of things to see and do
at this year's Festival. We will add new stuff
here as soon as they are confirmed.

Dressing a Lady
This is a first for the Medieval Festival. We will have a new Living History group portraying a visiting Lady from a noble family.
Twice a day we will be invited to see all the clothes a Lady of quality
will be expected to wear every day. Our Lady will be dressed, in front
of her pavilion, from only her shift (under garments). How interesting 
that will be, but definitely not an event normally done in public.
The Usual Stuff
There will be plenty going on to keep you at the Fayre all day with
a continuous programme of entertainment with up to 3 activities
taking place at any one time. 
Click here for the full Weekend Programme 2018
Bring plenty of cash for your essential buys at the market and for the fine and unusual Eateries we have for you this year; and of course
the Beer Tent and the Oyster Man.

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