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Here are the latest news and developments 
as we plan for the Oyster Fayre 2018

27th April 2018
This is a first for the Medieval Festival. We will have a new Living History group portraying a visiting Lady from a noble family.
Twice a day we will be invited to see all the clothes a Lady of quality
will be expected to wear every day. Our Lady will be dressed, in front
of her pavilion, from only her shift (under garments). How interesting 
that will be, but definitely not an event normally done in public.
24th April 2018
I have been asked to publish here the gate prices for this yearís
Fayre, although these are available elsewhere on this website.
Adult entrance is £8, 3years to 14years itís £4. For infants in
buggies & Carers enter for free, Concessions are also £4.
These junior & concession rates are £1 less than last year.
Of course we also accept card payment at the gate.
There will be plenty going on to keep you at the Fayre all day with
a continuous programme of entertainment with up to 3 activities
taking place at any one time. 
Click here for the programme of entertainment.
Bring plenty of cash for your essential buys at the market and for the fine and unusual Eateries we have for you this year; and of course
the Beer Tent and the Oyster Man.
20th April 2018
This is looking like it will to be the fullest Faye we have staged so far, with plenty of Armed Combat, more Childrenís Entertainment, more Traders, more Caterers and letís hope, lots of Great Weather.
This year sees the return of a Rope Walk. Pam & Ad will be making ropes all weekend and to give them a break from the winding handle
you will be able to make your very own rope or even ride on the
Ďtruckí as the rope appears as by magic.
Also returning this year are Essex Beekeepers with their glass
fronted hive. Watch the bees as they go about their endless trips collecting pollen at make into fine honey.
Back this year again is Stephen Fisher of The Norfolk Cider Company returns with his huge Apple Press. He will be pressing fresh
apple juice for you all weekend and selling it bottled as you leave. 
His excellent Cider will be available at the Beer Tent.
7th April 2018
Some of you who will be visiting our Fayre in June, or may be participating and will need accommodation, may be interested to know that there is a new Premier Inn now open only yards from the Park gates where our Festival takes place. To book type in Colchester
and choose Town Centre, Castle Hotel.
4th April 2018
More good news, I have secured the Dragonís Head Bakers for our Fayre. Only a small operation but it will give our visitors the chance to see bread being made on site in a field bakery. Only 4 pitches left unfilled now, so Traders if you want to join us this year you need
to be quick.
31st March 2018
Now in its 16th year The Festival is our interpretation of an annual
Fair & Market held in regional town such as Colchester. Such fairs would attract visitors from far and wide to buy from the Merchants
that went from fair to fair. Also attracted would be the entertainers, offering puppetry, storytelling, theatre & juggling. The people would
be able to enjoy and take part in dancing, wrestling, country backswording, singing, music & sideshows. But the main reason they would come would be for the Market. At our Festival we attract Traders from all over Britain and the near continent. This year we have over
60 period market stalls. If thatís not all there will be the Archer of the Fayre longbow competition plus Falconry, and two areas for Armed Combat plus lots of living history to visit and even a rope maker.
This is the biggest Festival we have staged so far and it makes an wonderful family day out with fine catering at the food court &
excellent Ales and Meads at the Pikestaff Inn.

Grand Marshal. 

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