The Performers 

Below is a list of Entertainers who will performing with us in 2014
More will be added as and when we confirm bookings.

Melford hys Companie
Mummers, Players, Entertainers,
Musicians & Living History Encampment
Andy Jennings
The Storyteller of Remarkable
Historical Tales
Out on a Wing Falconry
Flying demonstrations and static
Falconers display of Birds
Aisle O'var
Backswording Clubbe
Backswording Combat &
Cornish Wrestling in the Combat Area
Devilstick Peat
Tented show with Juggling, Magic & his
namesake Devil Sticks. Foolery at its best.
The Suffolk
Free Company
Armour & Arms Demonstrations plus
Armed Combat in the Tourney Ring
The Fool's Puppet
Theatre Companie
Medieval booth show based on
Fantastic Tales. Watch out for the Worm!
The Colchester Waits
(Shawm Band)
Colchester's Waits entertain the populace
and perform at civic occasions.
Colchester Tudor Dance
Will demonstrate Court and Country
dances of the period.
Sweete Harmonie
Female group specialising in singing Mediaeval & Renaissance songs
The Company of
Fighting Foresters
Talks & Demonstrations about
the equipment of a medieval archer
History Blooms
Come and have a chat with a
Medieval Archer and his Wife the Surgeon
Archer of the Fayre
At various areas Skilled Archers contend
for the coveted Archer of the Fayre Trophy
The Town Watch
Mayor's Escort &
Archer of the Fayre Referees


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