The Performers 2019
Entertainers & Demonstrators booked to be with us in June
Click on the performers' names for links to their websites
Melford hys Companie
Mummers, Players, Entertainers,
Musicians & Living History Encampment
Sarmatia Heritage
Polish Living History
The Kentwell Playes
Plays, Music, Dance &
general Tom-Foolery
The Yarnsmith of
The Storyteller of Saxon, Viking,
Medieval, Tudor & Stuart Tales
07908 515766 
 Out on a Wing
Flying demonstrations and static
Falconers display of Birds
07795 113188
Aisle O'var
Backswording Clubbe
Backswording Challenge & Fighting with
Sword and Buckler in the Combat Area.
Jingling Games for the kids
07880 605377
The Fool's Puppet
Theatre Companie
Medieval booth show based on
Fantastic Tales. Watch out for the Worm!
01508 470851
Norwich & Norfolk
Medieval Association
Fighting Knights, Working Trebuchet
Demonstration, Living History Display
Trade, Armour & Crafts & Skills Demos.
Andy Jennings
The Storyteller of Remarkable
Historical Tales
Sweete Harmonie
Female group specialising in singing
Mediaeval & Renaissance songs
The Colchester Waits
Colchester's Waits entertain the populace
and perform at civic occasions
07762 015645
Mervyn Fairclough
Long Ned
the Balladier
Singer of Period Songs & Storyteller
of Remarkable Historical Tales
Colchester Historical
Will demonstrate Court & Country
Dances of the period+ Guest Musicians
The Italian Flag Wavers
Italian Mediaeval &
Renaissance Flag Wavers and Dancers
The Companye of
Merrie Folke
Portraying the Domestic & Social Lives
& Trades of Medieval & Tudor People
White Dragon Archery
Come and have a chat with a Medieval
Archer and his Wife the Surgeon
The Two Apothecaries
Medieval Apothecaries Performing a
Show & Tell Demonstration
Demonstrations of Model Siege Engines
& let your Young Ones Join in the Joust
The Rope Walk
Make your own Rope or just marvel as
the Rope oppears as the Ropemakers Toil
Ibbot's Pole Lathe
Demonstrations of Pole Lathe Turning &
an Explanation of the Equipment used.
Archer of the Fayre
At various areas Skilled Archers contend
for the coveted Archer of the Fayre Trophy
The Town Watch
Mayor's Escort &
Archer of the Fayre Referees

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