Invitation to trade at

The Colchester Medieval Festival
& Oyster Fayre Market

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Dear Merchants

Many of you will have been at the previous Oyster Fayres
and I trust our change of name will not confuse you.
We are still the same Festival and it is still run by the 
same Management. So do please join us for the
exciting 2-day event in June.
We go from strength to strength and aim to make
this year's Festival the biggest yet. I must thank you all for
your encouragement and good wishes for future Fayres

If the Festival is to continue as a viable, regular event, then
it will need the support of you guys, and I will reciprocate by
offering you the best facilities we can afford, but income from
traders must cover the cost of these extra facilities.

Lots of lessons are learned over the years, and changes
are made to the site, security and publicity. 
 This year will again be providing the participant's secure
Parking and Camping compound. Surrounded by high fencing
and with a 24-hour security guard, this compound
will also have toilet facilities, overnight lighting and water provision.
This means that there will be no need to move vehicles,
once parked, back to the Fayre field. We do allow exceptions
to this rule though we do frown upon it. 
We also provide a shower cubicle for your convenience.

Traders now have the opportunity to choose their own pitches
from the Market Layout posted on  the website.

All Caterers have been brought nearer to the Market Field.
Those caterers offering period fare have been added to the
Beer tent row while general caterers will move to the perimeter
of the main field. We will be making available a limited number of covered stalls, with tables, for traders without period tenting.

Historic Market Traders will be charged an administration fee
this year to cover the cost of the Traders compound and the marking out of the Trading field. The Oyster Fayre is still one of
the cheapest Fayre on the circuit, and regular traders
will get first priority each year. I am sure that as our
popularity grows, our limited field size means we
will continue to have a full site each year.
Visit the Application form for pitch fees.
New Traders need to make contact with us first.

I welcome any suggestions that previous or new traders may wish to make. I shall keep you informed of any that I take on board  via the Latest news page on the website. 

A full list of traders and lots of other information will of course
be posted on the web site in due course. If there are any
Merchants you think I may not know about and who may wish
to join us, please give me their details or ask them to get in touch.

Now go to the Traders form.This is NOT to be completed on line, and should be printed off and sent with your cheque to: 

House of Mysteries
98, Hythe Hill, COLCHESTER, Essex, CO1 2NH.

Please note the new details for cheques. They should be made out to: 

Colchester Oyster Fayre.

All the very best fto you all

Ted Lloyd
Grand Marshal

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